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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a concert?

A: No. Although the event does include a full live set of music by the Chicago Cellar Boys, that is only part of the experience. More than half of your time will be spent exploring and interacting with the world we have designed, on your own. Think of it as part game, part puzzle, part interaction, part entertainment. If we told you any more we’d be giving too much away ; ).

Q: Is this a Zoom event?

A:  No, and you will not receive a Zoom login before you enter. You will receive login credentials for our website one hour before showtime (if you don’t see that email, check your spam folder, then contact us at immediately for help). Though Into the Mist does use Zoom for part of the experience, it begins in your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari). At times you may choose to enter an area which will require you to use Zoom. If you enter that area, you will leave your browser and then open Zoom. When you leave that Zoom experience, you will need to return to your browser. In practice it is actually fairly simple, but like any new experience, there is a learning curve. If you are quite fluent with computers it will be easy to pick up. If technology is a challenge for you, we do provide a helpful short video tutorial in our waiting room before the show to give you guidance before you enter. We strongly encourage you to arrive 15-20 minutes early to watch the video and get comfortable with the interface.

Q: Can I attend Into the Mist from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes! This is an online experience, so if you’ve got a computer and internet connection (folks have attended from Singapore!) you’ll be able to join us. It is a LIVE event, however so please remember to adjust for your local time zone.

Q: I’d like to purchase tickets for myself and my friend(s). How many tickets should I buy?

A:  You have complete control during Into the Mist, and it is impossible to experience it all in one visit. Or even two or three. So if you purchase two tickets and are on separate devices (best if in separate rooms) you will undoubtedly have different adventures and will have much to discuss at the end of the evening. That said, some couples sit together to share their experience. We don't judge and can't enforce how many people sit in front of one screen, of course, but we do ask that each attendee purchases a ticket. Thanks for your honesty. 

Q: I just purchased a ticket, what now?

A:  Check your email. You’ll get instructions about admittance to the show and answers to other questions you may have about the experience. You will receive instructions on how to access the event ONE hour before showtime

Q: How can a "virtual" show sell out?

A:  Into the Mist is a live, online, interactive experience, with audience members at times communicating directly with performers. We limit the number of tickets for each performance to allow for more interaction. That said, the event is large and we do allow quite a few people into each show.

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