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Dear Friends,


After months of planning, last Tuesday (7/27) we were thrilled to be able to announce our newest venture, a live, immersive in-person version of Into the Mist. In a cruel bit of cosmic schadenfreude, later THAT SAME DAY the CDC came out with masking guidance for all indoor gatherings due to the wildly contagious spread of the Delta variant. We monitored the news throughout the week as the warnings and predictions became more severe. We’ve seen this movie before. By the weekend, legitimate questions arose within our team. We spoked with several knowledgable physicians (including two noted immunologists), and they were in unanimous agreement: They believe this surge is going to get worse before it gets better, and if we were to proceed with our production, which is designed as indoors, close and interactive between performers and audience members (even with the audience masked), we would be putting people – including our cast – at risk and could be unwittingly hosting a spreader event, regardless of anyone’s vaccination status.

So we have unfortunately decided to postpone the launch of this production until we can feel confident that doing so would be safe and responsible. This decision makes us terribly sad. We had assembled the most talented, generous, joyous group of people to create this imaginary world, and we were so excited to share our work with you. If you could only experience the show that exists in our heads! What we can tell you is that our core team will continue to work, design, create and plan, and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to move forward.

Ticket sales have been suspended. Anyone who has already purchased tickets will be receiving a refund from Theater Wit. 


One bit of happy news, especially to our out of town friends, is that since we have our team assembled…we are going to bring back Into the Mist ONLINE for a special event in September. Stay tuned for details on that in the coming days!


Many thanks to you all for your interest and support of our efforts. We are so grateful.

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